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Meet Jenn Barry-Burton, MSW, LISW

Licensed Independent Social Worker

A little over 20 years ago, I started my journey as a mental health therapist.  It takes courage to take the first step to access individual/couples/family therapy, and I am honored to be part of the journey with my clients.  


I earned my Masters of Social Work degree from University of Iowa and proceeded to work as a Clinical Social Worker for children and family focused agencies, mental health therapy agencies, Department of Corrections, Veterans Affairs, and private practice.  I have provided therapy to individuals of every age and stage in life, couples, and families, as well as group therapy and psychoeducation on a broad range of issues and topics. My goal is to meet clients where they are at in their journey, and provide individualized therapy for their needs and therapy goals. Therapy sessions are in person or by telehealth.  I am Internal Family Systems informed, and also provide therapy modalities: CBT, DBT, ACT, as well have been trained in Motivational Interviewing and life coaching.  For fun, I enjoy yoga and all the outdoor activities, find balance in practicing mindfulness, and have been an avid backyard beekeeper for several years.

I also provide clinical supervision (individual & group) to a limited number of Clinical Social Workers working towards their independent license in Iowa.

Meet Jenn
Why Naturopathy

Why HiveMind?

In a Lavender Field
Trauma Informed

However you experienced your trauma, are surviving your trauma, live with your trauma, I hold space for you, and meet you where you are at.  I believe in helping individuals heal and achieve their goals for therapy, in a trauma informed way.

What's in a name?

Honey bees are small, but mighty, and make decisions, for the good of the hive, together.  Much like our parts of self.  However, sometimes those parts struggle, or are in a protective mode, or intensely other words, our parts are not balanced or struggle to work together as a hive mind.  Some of my greatest moments with clients are helping them discover their parts, and help those parts coexist with themselves, together, and balanced.

Self Esteem

Many experiences lead us to how we view ourselves in the world.  Often, comparisons occur and we can be unaware of the impact. Therapy can assist you in understanding your struggles with our identity and learn to love ourselves for all that makes us unique and incredibly special.

A Partner In Your Journey
5 copy.png

Sometimes, we just need a guide, someone to hold our lantern for 50 minutes while we walk our path and figure stuff out.  As your therapist, I join you on your path, hold your lantern during your session, and give it back to you to continue in your journey.  

Changes In Identity

Maybe you just had a baby, maybe you are an empty nester, or recently retired... whatever the change in status or identity, therapy can assist in understanding new roles, new identities in relationships, with your body, and in your world.

Finding Balance

A sense of balance can be achieved through many pathways. I help others find and re-establish balance through therapy, a better understanding of self, mindfulness, and yoga movement to find a better mind body connection.  A sense of balance may be achieved utilizing any one of those, or all of them together.  



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(515) 577-9828

4123 University Avenue, Office 2, Des Moines, IA 50311

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